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Water Ambassadors Raced for the Best in Orienteering Competition

Water Ambassadors Raced for the Best in Orienteering Competition

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The first orienteering competition was organised on 08 July 2017 in Muğla Köyceğiz, within the framework of the Technical Assistance for Water Ambassadors Education and Awareness Raising Project supported by the European Union to create public awareness on protection of environment and water resources.

Within the scope of the Project co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and implemented with the cooperation of Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of State Water Affairs and Turkish Radio and TV Corporation, the first orienteering competition in Muğla, Köyceğiz will be followed by three subsequent competitions: the first one will be organised in August in Konya, Beyşehir,  the second one will be organised in September in Trabzon, Uzungöl and finally the last one will be organised in October in Ankara.

The orienteering competition was organised with the cooperation of Turkish Orienteering Federation around Lake Köyceğiz. Before the start up the participants were informed on the field and rules. The participants were divided into five categories according to age groups, provided that all participants were above the age of 12. Boys and girls raced separately in each category. At the end of the orienteering competition participants ranking the highest were given awards. 

Thanks to the Water Ambassadors Orienteering Competitions secondary school students, university students and youngsters and their families, who grow in metropolitan cities, find the opportunity to race together in different categories and to commune with nature. Orienteering competitions that are organised within the frame of the Project aiming at the protection of environment and contribution to the sustainable water use intend to raise awareness of the target group, Water Ambassadors and future water ambassadors on environment and water use and to help them gain self-confidence and believe in the Project. Orienteering competitions, furthermore, helps young people to concentrate on their goals and objectives and to orientate them to work systematically to reach such goals and objectives. 


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