8 March International Women’s Day
Selcan Uğur
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8 March International Women’s Day

As WYG Türkiye with its %80 women employees, we celebrated the International Women’s Day in our office with various events. At this year event, which we have set out with the slogan“ Let Your Smile Change the World”,  Mr. Cengiz Kansu, Director of Technical and Engineering Consultancy and Serdar Kabukçuoğlu, Director of Operations celebrated the Women’s Day with presented the gifts and flowers to our women employees. In line with the Women’s Day celebrations, in the afternoon we also met with Assoc. Dr. Fahri Yetişir on an awareness raising seminer on “Breast Health and Importance of Early Diagnosis on Breast Cancer.” We as WYG Türkiye family celebrate the International Women’s Day and wish a world full of equality, justice and peace.

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