MISGEP Mining Industry Consultation Meetings Continue in Kahramanmaraş
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MISGEP Mining Industry Consultation Meetings Continue in Kahramanmaraş

Within the scope of MİSGEP, which is carried out by the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety (İSGGM) and financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, in order to improve the occupational health and safety conditions in mining workplaces and to raise awareness in this field, “MİSGEP Mining Industry Consultation Meeting” covering 81 provinces in 7 regions of Turkey are continuing in Kahramanmaraş after Denizli and Muğla. Kahmanmaraş Governor Ömer Faruk COŞKUN, General Manager of Occupational Health and Safety Cafer UZUNKAYA and other public institutions representatives, mining enterprises serving in Kahramanmaraş region and senior managers of NGOs also attended the meeting.

Inf the opening session, Kahramanmaraş Governor Ömer Faruk COŞKUN, who came to give his speech, said, that he would like to  particularly thank the Mining Sector Occupational Health and Safety Project (MISGEP), which is carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, General Directorate of Occupational Health and SafetyGeneral and especially thank the representatives of the relevant Ministry, the mining employers, representatives of relevant institutions and organizations, universities and non-governmental organizations for their support and hope that they will act in cooperation throughout the project.” 

Cafer UZUNKAYA, General Manager of Occupational Health and Safety, who made the opening speech of the meeting, said that as the General Directorate, they continue standing by the employees and employers during the pandemic period as they were before the pandemic. Emphasizing the importance of human life, UZUNKAYA stated that there is no doubt that the issue of occupational health and safety is one of the top priority issues to be taken into account, and said, “It is possible to prevent 98% of work accidents and 100% of occupational diseases after taking precautions. When we look at the last 20 years, the number of our workplaces has increased by 160% and the number of our employees has increased by 186%. There is an improvement of 54% in fatal work accidents and occupational diseases. In Kahramanmaraş, progress has been made in fatal occupational accidents with a rate of 71%.”

In the consultation session of the meeting, MİSGEP Team Leader Gökhan Güler and Instructor Dr. Hacer KAYHAN, studied examples from the World such as occupational health and safety practices in the mining sector, legal obligations regarding mining and administrative fines, compensation after work accidents, the effect of unionization on OHS, pneumoconiosis; the most common occupational disease in the industry. The cost and benefits of preventing work accidents. During the meeting, the opinions of the participants were taken after each topic.

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