WYG Türkiye

WYG Türkiye is a Project Management and Technical Engineering Consultancy Company of WYG Group. WYG was the first company of its type to create a significant presence in Turkey when established as a subsidiary of WYG International. Having successfully implemented numerous projects in a variety of sectors with the philosophy of “Managing the Change”, WYG Türkiye has contributed to the management of social and technical EU and other donor funded projects.

Professional and Effective Project Management Consultancy

Projects… They are much more than a simple tool of realizing a specific goal.

For us, projects simply bring forward the best management solutions for your company to achieve sustainable, innovative and optimal results.

Built upon the international expertise and international network of WYG Group, one of the leading global project management consultancy firms, our range of services include socio-economic consultancy, engineering consultancy, technical consultancy, information technologies management, program and project management. These services encompass institutional capacity building; human resources development; capacity building on employment, education and social inclusion; regional and economic development; rural development; research and innovation; competitiveness and productivity; business and master planning, design and tenders; environment and waste management; employment and labour productivity; advocating human rights; migration; information systems management and development; civil society development; grant management and many other key activities.

An Expert Team of Creative Minds; Safe Hands

Within the global economic and business environment, we as WYG Türkiye assisting the institutions manage change, optimize capacity and achieve sustainable outcomes.

We are dynamic and flexible team of more than 100 permanent and more than 200 associates from various educational and technical backgrounds and different nationalities, working in, around and outside Turkey.

WYG Türkiye currently has one main office (WYG Türkiye HQ) in Ankara including WYG IT Solutions department consisting of IT Consultants, one main office in Istanbul, 19 project offices in Turkey and other project offices in Egypt and Lebanon. Additionally, WYG has supported the establishment of project units designed under the activities directed to capacity strengthening of local authorities in Turkey within the framework of Technical Assistance projects.

Since its establishment, WYG Türkiye has proven itself to be the largest and the most prominent company in the EU-funded Technical Assistance projects in Turkey. We have been the leader in the Europe Aid-Funded Projects and have been assertive in other internationally funded schemes. We have also developed extensive collaboration with the Ministries, Municipalities, Regional Development Agencies and Chambers of Commerce and Industry, CSOs, NGOs, Universities and many other institutions in Turkey rendering effective consultancy.

Informed and Inspired Solutions

Projects that will be implemented by your business or institution with our collaboration and consultancy will ensure a concrete enhancement of your organization’s capacity which will be sustained and monitored.

We, as a Global Registered Education Provider (Global REP®) of Project Management Institute (PMI®), have already completed numerous projects in various parts of Middle East and North Africa and currently implement many more which are also listed on our website.

As WYG Türkiye, our approach to the implementation of projects aims at achieving long-term sustainability of our activities. Consequently, our approach is different from other consultants’ because we are committed to quality. Our commitment to implementing projects to the highest quality standards includes devotion to:

  • The introduction of quality management techniques for project management and client satisfaction;
  • The appliance of tested systems by experienced staff to ensure effective contract management;
  • Detailed proposals for our own monitoring and evaluation;
  • Making the most out of the resources available to us.

WYG Türkiye is the holder of “the Best Project Management Consultant in Turkey (2009)” award as well as the “National Champion for Customer Focus 2013/2014” award by the European Business Awards.

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our goal is to create value for all of our stakeholders, maintain our position among the leading corporations in the sector domestically and internationally and carry on our activities in continual improvement.

In order to reach this goal, we emphasize on the following principles:

  • To ensure continuity of satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders,
  • To operate in accordance with contract requirements as well as relevant prevailing regulations and standards, and fulfill applicable requirements of related parties,
  • To use resources in the most efficient manner with a sense of Environmental Consciousness by encouraging sustainable utilization of resources, to protect environment and prevent environmental pollution,
  • To operate in such a manner that protects employees’ health and assures occupational safety; and prevent injuries and occupational diseases,
  • To realize continuous improvement by implementing systematic and effective methods to increase our quality, and environmental and occupational health and safety performances,

Having these principles adopted by all our employees, and known and understood by our stakeholders shall be the fundamental basis for reaching our goals.