• Socio Economic Consultancy
  • Technical & Engineering Consultancy
  • Framework Contracts
  • Sectoral Research
  • Information Technologies

The Department of Socio-Economic Consultancy (SEC) under WYG Türkiye has been providing solutions for economic, social and regional development and reforms, with an objective of attaining a sustainable, smart and inclusive growth. We deliver consultancy services for a wide spectrum of clients including Ministries, Municipalities, Regional Development Agencies, NGOs, Universities and the private sector. Within this context, our consultancy services focus on effective and successful project management relying on globally accepted principles.

Our Socio-Economic Consultancy  team has implemented Technical Assistance projects in the scope of, institutional capacity building, education, employment, lifelong learning, social inclusion, improvment of the of civil society dialogue, regional competitiveness, SME development, research and innovation, vocational education, IT development, justice, health, ethics, good governance, branding and promotion, communication and awareness raising, implementation and monitoring of the grant programs, rural and agricultural development,  among many others. Our expertise relies not only in the provision of direct consultancy services in these areas but also having strong network with diverse target groups and authorities in different regions. 

Under Socio-Economic Consultancy, over the years through capacity building services, our Clients have been more capable of tackling the problems of inequality, social exclusion, unemployment, adaptability, regional inequality, economic stagnation, inefficiency, and delivering effective measures to increase the quality of services. 

Socio-Economic Consultancy Department implement projects in all provinces of Turkey with strong local presence and networking. SEC department has offices for the projects implemented by  the  team in Ankara, Elazığ, Gaziantep, Giresun, Hatay, Kütahya, Yozgat, Kayseri, Rize and Samsun and all around Turkey,our projects covered target groups in all provinces of Turkey. Furthermore, we have international offices in Egypt, Lebanon and the northern part of Cyprus as well.

Owing to the experience acquired through preparing tenders for these projects and implementing them with the support of local and international key experts and non-key experts, SEC team has built extensive knowledge on design and delivery of trainings, training needs analysis, organisation of working group meetings, communication, publicity and awareness raising, conducting labour market analysis, building business plans, fostering competitiveness, developing regional data analysis tools, developing good governance models, management and monitoring of grant programs, ensuring the dialogue between Private Sector Governments and Ngos, preparation of the curriculum of the formal education, building project websites, management and monitoring of the information systems, and geographical information systems, risk assesment tools, e-learning solutions and development of the several IT tools, organizing of the study visits, internship programs and business monitoring visits, preparation of the strategy and action plan of the draft legislation and regulation white paper document related with the different subjects in line with the EU adaptotation process, giving guidance services on increasing the employment, social inclusion and integration, setting up the local and regional social service and coordination units, giving consultancy services on vocational standarts and vocational qualification services, increasing SME’s competitiveness and so on.  

WYG Türkiye has been implementing Technical and Engineering projects since the very beginning of its existence, and from 2011 these services are carried out under the Technical and Engineering Consultancy (TEC) department specifically established for this purpose. Based on the proven success and awards of WYG Türkiye on the Programme and Project Management Consultancy and as a part of the global capacity of WYG Group in technical and engineering areas, TEC is providing services under the following main disciplines in recognition of our responsibility to hand on a sustainable world to the next generations: 

  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Environment
  • Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape,
  • Engineering
  • Energy
  • Transport

The TEC department, who mainly follows up the technical assistance projects under the Pre-Accession Financial Assistance Programmes funded by the European Union, is providing services to central and local governmental units, particularly ministries and municipalities in the processes of planning, implementing and managing environment and infrastructure investments by providing institutional capacity building services such as feasibility, planning, design, tendering, contract management, works supervision, quality – butget – time control, management of environment-infrastructure services as well as professional and technical training in the areas of management – maintenance – operation. 

Our services based on disciplines are listed below:

Project Management (All Sectors):

  • Project & Programme Management,
  • Single point project delivery,
  • Employer’s agent & client representative,
  • Design management,
  • Contract administration (including FIDIC contracts)
  • Strategy and Planning,
  • Construction Management,
  • Construction Supervision (under FIDIC Contracts)

Cost Consultancy (All Sectors):

  • Feasibility studies and development appraisals,
  • Procurement advice,
  • Tender Management and Assistance (for Works, Services and Supply of Goods-Equipment),
  • Whole life & life cycle costing,
  • Cost control and change management,
  • Project Monitoring,
  • Value management and engineering,
  • Risk management,
  • Due diligence,
  • Independent certifier,
  • Quantity surveying


  • Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment/ Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA/ EIA),
  • Water Management,
  • Climate Change Mitigation,
  • Environmental Due Diligence,
  • Sustainability,
  • Waste & Resource Management

Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape:

  • Architecture,
  • Urban Design,
  • Masterplanning,
  • Landscape Architecture,
  • Heritage (restoration/renovation of historical buildings and built environment)


  • Civil and Structural Engineering,
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,
  • Water & Wastewater Engineering


  • Energy Management,
  • Renewables,
  • Low Carbon Technologies


  • Transport Planning-Masterplanning,
  • Transport Modelling

Framework contract is an instrument for rapid and transparent recruitment of experts for short-term technical assistance services in the interest of beneficiary countries of the European Commission’s external aid programmes. Framework Contracts (FWCs) are operated by EuropeAid Cooperation Office and cover all main regions of European Commission.

More information on framework contracts

Based on BENEF2013 rules, the ‘Request for Services’ are sent to randomly selected framework contractors with specific Terms of Reference. The main categories of experts are Category I (at least 12 years of experience), Category II (at least 6 years of experience) and Category III (at least 3 years of experience). The category of administrative assistant might be opened up only for grant evaluation related assignments. These technical assistance services to the Commission are generated by the consortia in the specific area of expertise, which is named as ‘lot’. You may find the expected expertise common to all lots under framework contracts below:

  • Programme or project design and implementation
  • Preparation of Terms of Reference (services) and technical annexes (works, supplies) and evaluation of offers (Procurement)
  • Evaluation of grant proposals
  • Evaluations (ex-ante, interim, ex-post etc.), monitoring as well as a number of horizontal aspects
  • (Cross-) sectoral policy analysis and reforms Macroeconomics
  • Public financial management
  • Legislation, regulations and law enforcement, approximation of legislation
  • Institutional capacity development
  • Training and research
  • Awareness-raising (incl. information and communication)

Under BENEF2013, we, as WYG Türkiye, are shortlisted for Lot1, Lot2, Lot6, Lot7 and Lot12 for which brief information is provided below:

Click for more information on detailed descriptions of all lots



WYG Türkiye, with its reputation and ample experience in project consultancy and management, is well-informed of the procedures and processes of framework contract management. Owing to previous experiences under BENEF2009, WYG Türkiye operates professional and institutionalized recruitment and management services tapping into its own database encompassing more than 30.000 CVs, recruitment analysts well-versed particularly in framework contracts and internal quality assurance processes. Should you be interested in cooperating with us within the scope of framework contracts, you may upload your CV on our database for considerations of future relevant projects.

Scope: These services refer to the whole range of activities in the field of regional, sectoral research and institutional capacity building studies developed/requested by non-EU organisations.

Relevant organisations have been summarised below:

Multinational Development and Financial Organisations International Organisations National Organisations Private Sector
  • African Development Bank
  • Asian Development Bank
  • European Investment Bank
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Islamic Development Bank
  • Agence Française de Development
  • JICA
  • United Nations
  • Governorates
  • Regional Development Agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Companies
  • Professional Bodies
  • NGOs


Approach and Methodology: 

Each organisation may have specific regional-sectorial objectives as well as global objectives on such subjects as environment, gender equality, youth and employment. Existing and potential projects in Turkey and in the nearby areas are monitored within the framework of national development objectives and country reports of the international organisations.

The needs of the private sector in Turkey are mainly based on financing.  In this respect, the feasibility requirements of the relevant organisations for growth, competitiveness, purchase and merger including financial modelling are prepared by the expert teams. 


Following service sets can be offered to requesting organisations:

  • Project Development; consists of the processes where institutional needs are defined by participatory methods and in organised workshops; and reported thereafter.
  • Institutional capacity building; consists of the processes where such activities as analysis of current situation, identification of problems/objectives and transformation of goals into strategies are conducted by participatory methods and in organised workshops; and results thereof are reported. 
  • Country, sectoral and socio-economic research; sectoral and regional research reports and field studies in this area, if necessary, are conducted by the proven experts from the extensive international expert pool in the relevant field.
  • Trainings: Each training is tailor made based on the requirements, taking the participants profile into consideration and in accordance with the expectations of the requesting organisation. Thus, even the contents of the trainings on the same subjects and the educational methods may vary according to the institutions in question. 

WYG IT Solutions, currently providing web based solutions for both public and private sectors, offers major services such as;

  • Website design, utilizing the modern content management systems; 
  • Network Management & IT infrastructure design, providing secure network design and active directory management; 
  • MS Sharepoint Implementations and Development, an immediate solution for problems such as  Project Monitoring Sytems, Contact Management, CV and Financial Documents Search Facilities Collaboration Tools and Business Development Tools;
  • Software Development Services includes, Management Information Systems (MIS) – Web based communications tracking system, TimeSheet Management tools and tracking systems using many different platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, Cloud-based technologies (Office 365) DNN, Silverlight and NET framework.

Our Products 

  • Project Management Shared Services ( PMSS ) 
    • In the context of main project management principles, this tool facilitates monitoring and managing project activities within a centralized online system. This system provides information about the project from inception phase to closure phase which are managed with individual tools. Each tool has different levels of authorization capabilities that is configurable via an administration panel.
  • Web & Graphic Design

We as WYG IT Solutions aim to keep our sites user friendly and professional, and aim to become your end–to–end partner for your requirements. Also using the DNN Content Management System (CMS) technology, we are able to help organizations build and manage content-rich flexible websites, social intranets and online communities. The powerful web application development platform allows our customers to easily customize and extend their websites without any kind of technical assistance, with the new content management framework, we are also able to provide easy of overall use, clear, elegant design, more “visible” and more “visitor friendly” web applications and portal solutions and effortless access to content functionalities anytime needed.