How does Human Resources Policy work within WYG Türkiye?

WYG Türkiye has consistently proven that it is a modern, respectable, reliable and pioneering company in the countries and sector in which it has operated with its corporate structure and the personnel it has employed.

Management at WYG Türkiye adopts “Our most valuable resource is HUMAN" policy at every level. WYG has been preferred by its employees because, first and foremost, WYG offers a warmly family environment with its modern, healthy and social working spaces. 

Within WYG Türkiye Family, the primary approach is to create opportunities for professional and personal development for employees to enhance their productivity and success for both their current positions and prospective career plans.

Our main objectives are to create the most suitable physical conditions for all of our personnel for them to work in the most efficient way throughout the period they work at WYG, ensure that they are motivated and fulfilled continuously both materially and spiritually, identify and organise the trainings which are deemed necessary and also requested for their skills development and enhancement in their career pathways, assess the performance of the personnel and give the necessary rewards to the deserving personnel.

Beyond its in-house permanent staff, WYG Türkiye has also a long-standing working relationship with the associates involved in the management processes of the projects with diverse technical and professional capacities with local and international expertise. 

For WYG Türkiye, the work being done for Human Resources Development goes beyond internal company functioning as the Company possesses also extensive know-how and experience on Human Resources Development assistance for various public institutions in and outside Turkey through developing strategies, improving organisational structures and supporting compliance with the international standards.