WYG Türkiye Team Meeting in Antalya
Selcan Uğur
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WYG Türkiye Team Meeting in Antalya

The annual WYG Türkiye Team Meeting, which has become a tradition now, took place this year in Antalya between 03-05 June 2016. This year’s team meeting was organised with the participation of staff from both the project offices and the main office comprising in total 80 people. Team games were organised in the way of activities such as communication, leadership, solidarity, teambuilding, coordination and time management all of which aimed at enhancing motivation and team work capabilities of WYG staff.  

The team meeting had two parts namely Outdoor and Indoor and on the first day of the team meeting 10 activities were carried out indoors under the name of the so-called WYG Olympics. As part of the activities the participants dwelled on adaptation processes, ice breaking, stress management, efficient communication, strength of competition, taking responsibility and creative solutions. The activities on the first day were concluded with the Drum Circle activity in which the staff could both relax mentally and release from stress by creating a joint feeling of rhythm with percussion instruments such as the toumba, conga and djembe.

The second day of the team meeting was called Adventure Day. The team went to Köprülü Kanyon Beşkonak being one of the major world famous rafting rivers in Antalya and started the day with a Jeep Safari tour that ended in the Eco-Family Park for further outdoor activities. After the Jeep Safari tour, exciting fun activities were carried out in the Adventure Park followed by a 12 km-route rafting activity that took place in groups of 8 aiming to focus on topics such as team confidence, in-team support, empathy, team work, differences in opinion, synergy, active approach and task distribution.  

On this occasion we would like to give our special thanks to Ollie Ojo who participated as a team member from WYG UK.

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