The Second Capacity Building Training in the field of Town Twinning was completed in Ankara
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The Second Capacity Building Training in the field of Town Twinning was completed in Ankara

TWIN Project aiming to build sustainable structures for sharing information and experience among local authorities in Turkey and the EU member countries involves the capacity building trainings in the field of Town Twinning for local authorities. The second round of the training was held in Ankara on December 11-14, 2018 in the premises of Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT).

The training was organized with 52 participants from metropolitan, provincial and district municipalities, special provincial administrations, governorates and district governorates. The training was attended by participants from 33 different provinces. The topics of the training ranged from institutional framework of town twinning to thematic approach to town twinning, and from capacity building to sustainability.

The training programme commenced with opening speeches of Mr. Cemal Baş, UMT Project and Finance Unit Manager, and Mr. Bülent Özcan, Head of Project Implementation of Directorate for EU Affairs.

Framework presentation of the Project was made after the opening speeches on the first day of Capacity Building Training in the Field of Town Twinning. Also, Prof. Birgül Demirtaş presented the “Institutional framework of Town Twinning”. In the afternoon session, Mr. Fikret Toksöz informed the participants about mutual values among local authorities in Turkey and the EU countries and about major institutions such as the Committee of Regions (CoR) ad the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR). Moreover, Mr. Toksöz presented an overview of the institutional and legal framework of town twinning in Turkey.

Prof. Birgül Demirtaş notified the participants on the background & brief history of town twinning and the theory & practice, as well as the benefits & modalities of town twinning on the second day of the training. In the second session, Ms. Demirtaş continued her presentation in promoting the exchange of experience & good/best practices in the field of town twinning, increasing the quality and quantity of shared activities, more effective utilisation of mutual communication channels, building mutual trust, respecting and promoting cultural and linguistic diversity, contributing to intercultural dialogue, etc.

Mr. Sinan Özden started his presentation with the “review of outstanding themes for town twinning initiatives, thematic approach and analysis to town twinning” at the first session on the third day of the training. Mr. Özden continued his presentation with “capacity building for local stakeholders (particularly CSOs) in relation to town twinning and international cooperation” at the second session.

Mr. Metehan Gültaşlı started his presentation with “democracy and understanding of the new public management, and good governance principles” and provided information on “involving key stakeholders into the town twinning actions” at the first session on the last day of the training. After Mr. Gültaşlı Team Leader of the TWIN Project Mr. Sadun Emrealp made a presentation about “Ensuring sustainability in town twinning initiatives”. Mr. Emrealp informed 

the participants about “overviewing the weaknesses and strengths of town twinning initiatives in Turkey, overviewing the institutional and legal framework of town twinning in Turkey, tools for monitoring & evaluation of town twinning initiatives and developing sustainable exchange structures” topics during his presentation.

The training was concluded with the closing remarks of Mr. Hakan Atik on behalf of the Directorate for EU Affairs, followed by the Certificate Ceremony.

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